Probate Administration

Riverside Probate Attorneys

Probate is the court procedure required to validate a will and administer the estate of a deceased person in accordance with their wishes. Attorneys often advise clients to avoid probate due to the time and expense involved. However, at The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, we understand how crucial the resolution of these matters is for you and your family. Our extensive knowledge of California probate law allows us to guide you through the intricate process of probating an estate with expertise and care.

Our office handles both simple and complex probate administration; when disputes arise between beneficiaries, administrators, and trustees, our attorneys are experts at representing your interests. We have the extensive knowledge to challenge invalid wills and to defend administrators and executors against dissatisfied beneficiaries. As skilled mediators and litigators, we can negotiate between fiduciaries and beneficiaries to preserve relationships or pursue your rights in court when necessary.

At The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, we are dedicated to providing our clients with personalized and effective legal services to ensure that the administration of your loved one’s estate is handled smoothly and in accordance with their wishes.