Trust Administration

Riverside Probate Attorneys

Trust Administration involves the management and distribution of trust according to its terms and state laws. At The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, we understand the importance of efficiently managing trusts to honor the trustor’s wishes and ensure beneficiaries receive their rightful inheritances. Our extensive knowledge and experience in handling both simple and complex trust administrations in California enable us to provide comprehensive services.

We assist trustees in understanding their duties and responsibilities, helping them avoid potential legal issues. Our services include ensuring compliance with trust terms, detailed trust accounting to keep beneficiaries informed and meet legal requirements, and tax compliance to ensure timely filing and payment of necessary taxes.

When disputes arise between beneficiaries, trustees, and other parties, our attorneys are skilled in both mediation and litigation. We represent your interests in resolving conflicts, whether through negotiation to preserve relationships or through court proceedings when necessary. Our extensive knowledge allows us to challenge invalid trusts or defend against claims from dissatisfied beneficiaries.

At The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick, we are dedicated to providing personalized and effective trust administration services, guiding you through every step of the process.